"The Power of Conversation Drives Business"



Sistas Talking Natural Hair & Business

Host: Charlotte Van Horn

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Podcast Archive

Why is this Black Owned Beauty Supply Biz

Thriving When Others Are Not? - Part 2

Guest: Jeffrey Carter

Why is this Black Owned Beauty Supply Biz

Thriving When Others Are Not? - Part 1

Guest: Jeffrey Carter

Minding Your Own Business

Charlotte Van Horne

Can Massage Therapy be the Answer to Taking

Your Wellness to the Next Level?

Guest: Matthew Haynes

Why Setting Boundaries with Co-Workers and Staff is a MUST!

Charlotte Van Horne

Why Setting Boundaries with Clients is a MUST!!!

Charlotte Van Horne

How to Handle Angry Clients and Break Up When Necessary

Charlotte Van Horne

Do You Really Want To Be a Sisterlock Consultant?

Charlotte Van Horne

How To Ace Your First Sisterlocks Consultation

Charlotte Van Horne

Ergonomically Speaking... Does Your Job Hurt?

Guest: Dr. TaLisa Cummings-Taylor

Admission Squad Prepares Students

For Elite High Schools

Guest: Tai Abrams

Setting the Vibe In Your Shop Through

Sound & Spirit

Charlotte Van Horn

Is Your Business Prepared for a 

Second COVID-19 Shut Down

Charlotte Van Horn

Is "The Hook Up" Holding You Back?

Charlotte Van Horn

Black America's Plan to Fund 

Our Own Business

Guest: Cheree Warrick

Fact vs Fiction - A'Lelia Bundles Sets the

Record Straight on "Self Made"

Guest: A'Lelia Bundles

What Can You Put In Place

To Scale Your Salon Biz?

Guest: Marshea Mayfield

Your Dollar & Your Support


Guest: Ernisha Hall

How To Build a Successful Sisterlocks


Charlotte Van Horn

Smart Things That We Can Be

Doing To Spruce Up Our Shop

Guest: Terry Abrams Brooks

The "True Man Barber" Can Teach

You a Thing or two About Hair Units

Latrell Parker, CEO at True Man Barber

What Clients Are Saying Behind

Our Back

Charlotte Van Horn

Preparing To Re-Open Your Doors

For Business

Charlotte Van Horn

Keeping Your Scalp Healthy During

The Coronavirus

Special GuestDana Wilson

Income Streams & Preparing for Crisis

Charlotte Van Horn

Home Based Business

Charlotte Van Horn

Small Business Survival Tips

Charlotte Van Horn

When Your An Entrepreneur

& Your Partner Is Not

Special Guest: Mr. Alfredo Gibbs Van Horn

"Hair Love" - The Movie

Charlotte Van Horn

How To Learn To Be The Boss

Expert Guest: Pamela King

Let's Talk About Hair Loss

Expert Guest: Dana Wilson

Brand Building & Social Media

Expert Guest: Shanel Evans

Hair Service vs. Hair Business

Charlotte Van Horn

Common Sense Social Media

Charlotte Van Horn

Don't Sleep On Your Day Job

Charlotte Van Horn

Excellence Is No Accident

Charlotte Van Horn

Get Willie Lynch Out of Our Heads

Charlotte Van Horn

Self Care For Stylist

Charlotte Van Horn

Tender Head Is Real, So What Can You Do?

Charlotte Van Horn

The Sisterlocks Consultation

Charlotte Van Horn

Choosing Your Staff

Charlotte Van Horn

Know the Rules of Engagement

Charlotte Van Horn

Why Clients Are Leaving Black Hair Care Salons

Charlotte Van Horn

How To Build A Successful Sisterlocks Business

Charlotte Van Horn

The Importance of Taste & Touch In Your Salon

Charlotte Van Horn

The Importance of Senses

The Smell and Sight In Your Salon

Charlotte Van Horn