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Top 100 Podcast 2021

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#1 - I Am Becoming

Step Into Leadership Greatness - Part I                                     

#2 - Surrender Breakroom 

Marketplace Dominance                            




#5 - Envision The Possible

Intro Show - Let's Get Future Ready!



#7 - Women Boldly Living

The Evolving Role of Moms


#8 - Surrender Breakroom

The Power of Prayer




#10 - The e-Lounge 

Why Having a Strong Marriage Allows You To Do Anything You Want To Do                           



#11 - Perfect Timing   

Dream Hustle Code Founder Ian Brock is Getting The Youth Excited              




#14 - Upfront Mind Body & Soul  

Are You a Routine Person or Are You Just Winging It?


#15 - The Profit In Nonprofit   

Money Talks Part I



#16 - I Am Becoming

The Importance of Having Tunnel Vision For Your Passion             





#19 - Rest Leads To Revenue

The Evolution of Sales & Marketing with Wendy Y Bailey                    


#20 - I Am Becoming 

iAm Becoming - 5 Things You Need To Know About Trademarking                  

#21 - The Hand That You Have Been Dealt

Change Isn't Difficult, It's Different 




#24 - Blog You Way To Business Profit

Tips for Making Your Business Blog a Success         



#26 - Taking The Lead

The Power of Intentional Living


#27 - The Profit In Nonprofit

The Hidden Fine Print



#28 - Sounding The Alarm

Sounding The Alarm - The Stigma of Black Gun Ownership        


#29 - Surrender Breakroom

Stop Making Temporary Permanent 




#31 - I Am Becoming

What Are You Doing In Your Community?               


#32 - Dr. Essie Speaks Education

How Michelle Breen Is Making An Impact on Students       




#34 - The Hand That You Have Been Dealt 

How To Start Over When It Feels Too Late



#35 - Perfect Timing

Find Out How Ian McKenna Uses His Gift For Gardening To Bless Others                        


#36 - The Profit in Nonprofit

The Extreme Importance of Knowing Your Why     


#37 - Surrender Breakroom

Succeeding Outside The Comfort Zone



#38 - Blog Your Way To A Business Profit

Five Ways To Grow Your Blog



#40 - The Hand That You Have Been Dealt 

Let's Talk About The L.O.V.E.     


#41 - Blog Your Way To A Business Profit

Why Aren't People Reading My Blog? 


#42 - Dr. Essie Speaks Education

The Power of Cultivating Wholeness


#43 - Surrender Breakroom

The Accidental Leader        



 #45 - Upfront Mind, Body & Soul

The Steps To Effective Decision Making      


#46 - The e-Lounge

The Importance of Having a Relationship that Compliments Each Other                             


#48 - Dr. Essie Speaks Education

The Importance of Maintaining Strong Mental Health        


#50 - Sounding The Alarm

Beauties & Bullets: Online Forums         


#51 - Hype Beauty, Hair Skin & Fitness

How To Detox Your Hair & Skin    


#52 - Dr. Essie Speaks Education

Finding The Real You In You     


#53 - The Hand That You Have Been Dealt

How Do You Get Through The Crossroads of Life 


#54 - Dr. Essie Speaks Education

The Power of Moving Past Disappoinment with Dr. Jennifer Bryant           


#55 - The Hand That You Have Been Dealt

How To Manage Other People's Opinion      


#57 - The Profit In Nonprofit

The Money Side of Nonprofit - Part II 


#58 - The Hand That You Have Been Dealt

How To Reclaim Your Personal Power 


#59 - Blog Your Way To A Business Profit

How To Conquer Content Inconsistency


#60 - Pitching My Ass Off

The Fear Factor In Pitching     



#63 - Rest Leads To Revenue

Detox Now or Suffer Later



#65 - Legacy Game Changers

How Small Business Owners Can Beat The IRS   


#66 - Sounding The Alarm

How To Avoid Being a Soft Target 


#67 - The Healthy Side of Business

The Daily Tricks to Losing Your Muffin Top 


#68 - The Profit In Nonprofit

Defining Your 'Why" In Your Mission Statement       


#69 - Perfect Timing

Singer and Actress Drew Tillman Encourages Other Youth To Love What You Do                       

#70 - Perfect Timing

National Film Director Anah Ambuchi Shares Her Calling to End Colorism                 



#73 - Authors Lab

The Intro Show


#75 - Dr. Essie Speaks Education

Summer Reading For Kids 


#76 - The Killer Pitch Master

Let's Crush It In 2021   


#77 - Surrender Breakroom

It's Already In You   


#79 - Upfront Mind Body & Soul

A Message and Meditation of Gratitude 


#82 - Sistas Taking Natural Hair & Business

Is "The Hook Up" Holding You Back   


#83 - Sounding The Alarm

Kid's Firearm Safety 



#85 - Upfront Mind Body & Soul

The Power of Historical and Ancestral Knowledge 


#86 - The Profit In NonProfit

Vision and Value in the Profit      


#87 - Rest Leads To Revenue

The Importance of Mental & Physical Rest 


#88 - Upfront Mind Body & Soul

How Women Can Enter Into a Space of Self Love     


#89 - Upfront Mind Body & Soul

Meet Up with Actor/Comedian DJ Pryor 


#90 - Women Boldly Living

How To Make a Joyful Transformation



#92 - Sounding The Alarm

Situational Awareness 


#93 - Blog Your Way To a Business Profit

Blogging vs. Posting: Which Is More Effective For a Business 



#95 - Perfect Timing

How Faith is changing the world through Art, Activism and Inspiring Others                   

#96 - Surrender Breakroom

You Have Not, Because You Asked Not 


#97 - The e-Lounge

How To Leverage Real Estate To Build Generational Wealth             



#99 - The Profit In Nonprofit

Who Is On Your Board? 


#100 - Authors Lab

Putting Pen To Paper